Ways to Make Your Videos Stand Out From Competitors

By Mike / a couple of years ago
Make Your Videos Stand Out

Make Your Videos Stand Out From Competitors.

Because video tells stories and can influence people emotionally, it’s the most appealing ad form in any medium. It doesn’t matter what market you’re working in, video is immensely powerful tool to advantageously influence your audience.

Looking to crank up your marketing results a notch? Then you’ll want to discover ways to make your videos stand out from competitors.

Since you already know what video marketing is and how to create a good strategy, you can use these tips to get your videos trending.


Always have at least a few testimonials for your product or service. This is so the larger audience can see how much people love your service or product. Talk about a large influence it has on your audience because video testimonials are not easy to fake.

Questions and Answers

Answer common questions. You can either do a video per question, or create a video to answer a bunch of questions. How you decide to do this will depend upon the complexity of the Q&A.

Address some of the objections that lead to resistance from your audience. If your prospects have excuses for not taking action, find out what these objections are and tackle them. By dealing with them directly, you will bring your leads closer.


Subtitle an existing video. If you have a bunch of quality videos trending already, one way to get even more views is to reproduce it with subtitles. You might have to confirm any copyright issues before reproducing video.


Create an inspirational video for your audience. This could be targeted towards a specific niche to have a more powerful effect. Or you could use a popular topic that touches an emotional response from the average person.

Story Telling

Tell stories visually. It doesn’t take all that long to create a storyboard that takes people through a simple story. Then deliver your targeted message at the end.

If you have a topic that relates to your personal life, tell a story about it.


Show your audience a behind-the-scenes video, detailing the nitty gritty of your business. Unless you have solid reasons for not doing it, it will soften up your audience because people love seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

Introduce your team to the audience. Introduce everyone from the people working in the office, to those who answer the phones, and the delivery guys.

Show them what your typical day is like. Have someone record you all day and then speed it up to show how you spend your workdays.


Get a well-known person or expert to appear on your videos to teach. This really works no matter what industry you operate in.

Guide your audience through an experience. For instance, a guided meditation or a writing exercise.

Pose a question, or puzzle, then answer it in a later video. This keeps people busy and interested. And it allows you to present content later, in case you need more time.

Show and tell the tools you use for your job. For example, say you’re making a how-to video about fishing. Put together all the different equipment needed to catch fish and show how they’re used.

Tell them what not to do in specific situations. Explain common mistakes and show them how to avoid them.

Create a list of useful tips and go over each tip, giving the viewers exclusive information.

Popular Trends, Current Events

Pick the right time to piggyback off a popular current trend. For instance if the Oscars are coming up, create a nominee video to keep people interested.

Record a hidden-camera video of something exciting, like say a rock concert. Show people what it’s really like to attend one.

If you don’t mind controversy, take an unusual stance on a sensitive issue or say something controversial.

Get out of the office and conduct a public opinion poll on a certain topic. Ask random people questions and post the video to show how people feel about an issue.

Cover a large event. This could be anything from a trade show, seminar or conference.

Wrap Up…

These are just some of the ways experienced video marketers make their videos stand out. If you want your videos to cause an effect then you have to be super-creative. If you’re finding it challenging to come up with a unique approach, you can always use these tips to kick start your video channel. You’ll find it to be a fun and effective way to communicate to your audience while selling your products or services, too.

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