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Creating High Quality Videos

Creating High Quality Videos What goes along with treating YouTube like a business, is creating high quality videos. It’s not enough to film something on your phone in poor lighting and with no script. And then to think ‘that will... Read more

Improve Video Response Rate

Improving Video Response Rate Videos are used to compel viewers into taking action. You want to create a positive response from your viewers. But you also want them to take action immediately after watching your message. And not just a... Read more

Creating a Video Marketing Campaign

Creating a Video Marketing Campaign Just like any other form of marketing, you need a strategy that will carry through your video marketing campaign. The strategy is a step-by-step guide that covers exactly what you want to accomplish and how... Read more

Ways to Make Your Videos Stand Out From Competitors

Make Your Videos Stand Out From Competitors. Because video tells stories and can influence people emotionally, it’s the most appealing ad form in any medium. It doesn’t matter what market you’re working in, video is immensely powerful tool to advantageously... Read more

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